2021 Schedule

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Uncertainty over the reopening of the US-Canada border has forced us to change the 2021 schedule.  Ottawa and Trois-Rivieres are no longer able to play, while a team representing the Province of Quebec will play through mid-July as a road team in the United States.  Should the border reopen, this team will split their home games between Stade Canac in Quebec City and Stade Quillorama in Trois-Rivieres.  If the border does not reopen, the team will finish the 2021 schedule in the United States.

frontier scoreboard
Thursday, August 5
Schaumburg 0 6:34PM
Florence 0
Webcasts: SBFL
S. Illinois 0 6:45PM
Gateway 0
Webcasts: SIGW
Evansville 0 7:05PM
Windy City 0
Webcasts: EVWC
New York 0 7:05PM
New Jersey 0
Webcasts: NYNJ
Lake Erie 0 7:05PM
Joliet 0
Webcasts: LEJO
Washington 0 7:05PM
Sussex County 0
Webcasts: WASX
Tri-City 0 7:05PM
Quebec 0
Webcasts: TCEQ


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