The Aigles de Trois-Rivières and the Capitales de Québec conducted a special draft to divide the players with free agent status who played with Équipe Québec during the last season.

The Aigles have selected five players, pitchers Kyle Thomas and James Bradwell as well as position players Dustyn Macaluso, Jorge Gutierrez and Kevin Whatley. The rights of Quebecers Raphael Gladu, Louis-Philippe Pelletier and David Gauthier are also back with Trois-Rivieres.

In addition, the team has recovered the rights to players loaned to other Frontier League clubs for the 2021 season. The Aigles decided to keep those of Juan Kelly, Chris Clare, Jack Strunc, Jack Weinberger, Wilfred Salaman and Tasker Strobel.

Manager’s analysis

Manager Matthew Rusch gave a short description of the Équipe Québec free agents who are now owned by the Aigles.

Kyle Thomas (26, from Mississauga) : “He’s a smart pitcher with a warrior attitude on the mound. When he’s at his best, he’s hard to hit. He can be used as a starter or reliever. ”

Dustyn Macaluso (27, from California): “He’s a young talent with above average speed. It can be used in all positions and shows an interesting approach to batting. When we needed him last year he was solid as evidenced by his batting average of 0.423 in 26 appearances. ”

James Bradwell (22, from Vancouver): “James a young giant format pitcher who throws very hard. He has the tools to succeed in our league. ”

Jorge Gutierrez (23, from Venezuela):  “He’s a defensive receiver who has an excellent arm. In addition, he is ambidextrous as a hitter. Last season there were two experienced receivers ahead of him in Jeffry Parra and Ruben Castro. ”

Kevin Whatley (23, from Washington):  “Kevin is an ambidextrous hitter capable of playing multiple positions on defense. With a good winter of training, he can play regularly in our circuit. ”


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