150 of the 300 players in attendance for day 1 of the Tryout Camp and Draft have been invited back for Tuesday’s game action.  The Frontier League managers in consultation with the MLB scouts in attendance developed the list of returning players.

Pitchers can contact Justin Reschke at jreschke@californiawinterleague.com for FlightScope data.

FlightScope will also be set up for Tuesday’s game action.

Mercy Health Stadium will open at 7:30 AM on Tuesday.  Be ready for a stretch led by the athletic trainer at 8:00.  After stretch we will do infield/outfield with the goal of starting the game at 9:00 AM.

Pitching and batting orders will be sent later tonight.

Players asked to return for Tuesday are:

# First Name Last Name Pos.
30 Adolofo Espinoza RHP yes
32 tristan baker LHP yes
37 Bradley Burdett LHP yes
40 Justin Curry RHP yes
46 Bryan gilliam LHP yes
47 Aaron Glickstein RHP yes
51 Alex Jacobs RHP yes
53 Stephen Knapp RHP yes
58 Kyle Lugar RHP yes
59 Courtney Mack RHP yes
63 Wes Noble RHP yes
66 Zaquiel Puentes RHP yes
69 Emmanuel Rosario RHP yes
70 Kaleb Schmidt RHP yes
73 Albinson Volquez RHP yes
75 Gavin Weyman RHP yes
78 Jake Woods RHP yes
80 Jarod Wright RHP yes
81 Max Maarleveld LHP yes
84 Dakota Grant RHP yes
85 Willy Mendez Toribio RHP yes
100 Jake Allen LHP yes
102 Aaron Beck RHP yes
103 Harold Boyce RHP yes
107 Raibel Custodio RHP yes
109 Patrick Donohoe RHP yes
112 Ryan Hennen LHP yes
113 Jackson Hicks RHP yes
114 Nick Horvath LHP yes
116 Kevin Kirley RHP yes
119 Ryan Middendorf RHP yes
120 Johnny Morell RHP yes
121 Dario Polanco LHP yes
122 Jesse Remington LHP yes
125 Gavin Sonnier RHP yes
126 David Sorrell RHP yes
127 Alexander Stobert RHP yes
128 Baylor Sundahl RHP yes
129 Ryan Tomao RHP yes
130 Jonathan Vance RHP yes
131 Jose Vasquez RHP yes
132 Tyler Vogel RHP yes
133 Ean Walda RHP yes
134 David Worrell RHP yes
135 Danny Zardon RHP yes
137 Brenden Kudlinski LHP yes
176 Michael Blanchard RHP yes
201 Colin Butkiewicz RHP yes
200 Chris Brady C yes
203 Michael Luker C yes
204 Omar Ortiz Vazquez C yes
207 Zak Schueller C yes
209 John Tuttle C yes
210 Fernando Villegas C yes
212 Miguel Molina C yes
225 Tyler Blaum C yes
227 Kevin Ciprian C yes
229 Michael Giordano C yes
234 Jorge Gutierrez C yes
237 Brian Sanchez C yes
238 Joe Sullivan C yes
240 Brandon Weathers C yes
241 Janigson Villalobos C yes
306 Nikaylen Morrison 1B yes
310 Ian Ascuasiati 1B yes
312 Bryce Bisenius 1B yes
314 Noah Childress 1B yes
318 Rami Jadallah 1B yes
319 Bradley Kavka 1B yes
321 Angelo Pahila 1B yes
322 Brandon Williams 1B yes
323 Seth Strong 1B yes
400 Peyton Barnes 2B yes
401 Landen Barns 2B yes
409 Trent Nash 2B yes
410 Bradley O’Neal 2B yes
411 Ryan Osko 2B yes
430 Lane Baremore 2B yes
431 Enrique Batista 2B yes
433 James Spera 2B yes
96 Spencer Henn 3B yes
97 Frank Podkul 3B yes
502 Justin Cohen 3B yes
503 Brett Donaty 3B yes
508 John Lantigua 3B yes
509 Kaleb Lemos 3B yes
511 Rey Serrano 3B yes
513 Nicholas Sciubba 3B yes
514 Austin Newman 3B yes
515 Jerrod Johnmeyer 3B yes
516 James Smibert 3B yes
601 Dylan Arnold SS yes
603 John Benevolent SS yes
606 Manuel Blanco SS yes
607 Josh Burns SS yes
611 Walner Espinal Fernandez SS yes
613 Edwin Gil SS yes
614 Pablo Gomez SS yes
615 Gabriel Lozada SS yes
616 Ernesto Manzanillo SS yes
617 Skylar Mercado SS yes
619 David Ortiz SS yes
620 Shea Patterson SS yes
621 Cristopher Pujols SS yes
623 Ezequiel Santana SS yes
624 Juan Jose Santana SS yes
625 Christian Stanziano SS yes
628 Hamley Volquez SS yes
630 Brandon Wilson Jr. SS yes
631 Abdiel Alicea Diaz SS yes
632 Eric Meyer SS yes
633 Malik Blaise SS yes
638 Cesar Cuevas SS yes
642 Douglas Johnson SS yes
810 Keaton Slack SS yes
811 Alejandro Gonzalez SS yes
700 Jordan Anderson OF yes
706 Dez Chumley OF yes
708 Branfiel Concepcion OF yes
713 Darlin De la Rosa OF yes
714 Bryce Denton OF yes
715 Dontavious Dickey OF yes
718 Joba Ferrell OF yes
720 Sean Guida OF yes
721 Dalton Hansel OF yes
722 Jalen Horton OF yes
723 Matthew Ing OF yes
728 Pierre Martinez OF yes
730 Liam McArthur OF yes
746 Dimas Ojeda OF yes
747 Chandler Palyas OF yes
748 Davis Purviance OF yes
751 Chase Redick OF yes
752 Austin Riggins OF yes
756 Jabin Smith OF yes
758 Brandon Taylor OF yes
759 Neil Taylor OF yes
766 John Williams OF yes
767 Frank Yackovich OF yes
768 Steven Mouzon OF yes
776 Shawn Barrowdale OF yes
780 Tristan Graham OF yes
782 Dominic Kenyon OF yes
785 Mario Ramsey OF yes
787 Cesar Sandoval OF yes
788 Payton Smith OF yes
789 Dane Tofteland OF yes
791 Jermond Williams OF yes
793 Gabriel Wurtz OF yes


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