The owners of the Aigles de Trois-Rivières, Michel Côté and Jean Tremblay, announce the promotion of René Martin to president and addition of Simon Laliberté as general manager.

General manager of Les Aigles since October 2014, Martin becomes the third president of the organization. In his new role, Martin will lead the corporate sales and major projects sectors, in addition to occupying a leading role within the Mauritian community.

“Developing minor baseball at a young age and providing a professional level of play for amateurs are the things that are most important to me in my professional life. I am extremely proud and blessed to contribute to the expansion of this sport. By accepting the role of president, I will have more time to devote myself to it and also continue to rally the corporate community of our region behind our magnificent project,” said Martin.

Laliberté back in the organization

Martin describes his new CEO, Simon Laliberté, as a very organized person, with a dynamic vision and a thirst for success.

“I have enormous confidence in Simon. Through our close collaboration in various projects, I am certainly the one best placed to understand the great addition that we have just achieved. I knew that one day he would make the jump in his career and it is a pride that it is with us,” commented Martin.

Laliberté becomes the fourth general manager in the history of the Aigles. Aged 27, the Trois-Rivières native has spent the last two years at the head of the communications and marketing department of Les Cataractes de Shawinigan. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Sherbrooke, Laliberté has an impressive track record in the field of management and sport. It will be a return to the organization of the Aigles, he who held various positions from 2013 to 2018, including those of communications and marketing director for four seasons and radio broadcaster almost all of his time.

“The Aigles have always held a special place in my heart and it is an honor to accept this challenge. With the team’s entry into the Frontier League and the partnership with Major League Baseball  I am confident that the product and experience we are going to deliver to fans will be taken to a new level during the next few seasons,” commented Laliberté.

In addition to overseeing the entire administrative aspect, Laliberté will reconnect with Matthew Rusch, who was appointed manager last October.

“Although he was hired before my arrival, I found it logical and deserved to offer Matthew this opportunity. He is a competent person who has all my respect and above all, I know his feeling of belonging to the team and to the city. I will make sure to give him all the necessary tools to place a competitive team on the field.”

After spending seven seasons in the Can-Am League, the Aigles will begin this summer with a new start in the Frontier League. This circuit, founded in 1993, currently brings together 15 teams located in Canada and the United States.



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