The Aigles de Trois-Rivières organization, in collaboration with Baseball 360 Trois-Rivières, is expanding their AA and Junior programs an annual development program.

The Junior Elite training, which will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary, is a benchmark in its circuit through the professionalism and quality of its teams, year after year. The AA structure is also a model in Quebec association baseball, having since its inception in 2012 developed its players and teams in an integrated structure that is the envy of many. The successes of the AA Aigles program are recognized throughout the province while the Mauritian representatives combine provincial championships, participations in national championships, selections on Quebec teams, etc. Everything is the result of the sustained efforts of dedicated volunteers and passionate and highly qualified coaches who support the development of these young players. It’s a whole structure working in the same direction.

Anxious to remain at the forefront, the Aigles innovate again by launching the development program of the Aigles which in a way complements the summer coaching by offering all its AA and Junior athletes training sessions supervised by the Aigles coaches. and other guest coaches, on a regular basis, twice a week, from September to May.

“The sport studied in the Mauricie region is already well covered at the baseball level and does an excellent job, but some of our athletes choose to play other sports during the winter. This program provides the opportunity for all the players in our structure, regardless of the school they attend, their socioeconomic status or the other sports they want to do during the winter, to be able to continue their development and keep form in the off-season, all accompanied by our trainers at a very affordable cost, ”explains the general manager of the Aigles, René Martin.

The training will take place at Stade Quillorama as well as at Baseball 360 Trois-Rivières, partner of the project.

“As a partner and official training site for the AA Aigles, it seemed essential to us to come and support this project by making our facilities, our coaches and time slots highly accessible to the Aigles to allow this unique project in Quebec to come true.  It is certainly not customary to see volunteers and organizations get involved in this way all year round for the development of young people, ”says Steve Ager, owner of Baseball 360 Trois-Rivières.

As mentioned previously, the training sessions will be under the supervision of the coaches of the Aigles Junior and AA, players of the structure, current and former, and other guest coaches.

“It’s keeping the energy of a big family around our players. It means developing future coaches from the existing structure by giving back to the youngest, ”added Martin.

The first training sessions will start in the week of September 21.


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