The promoters of the project, Nicole Girard and Bob McDuff, in collaboration with the management of the Aigles de Trois-Rivières, are proud to announce the creation of the very first professional baseball museum in Trois-Rivières and in Quebec, located inside Stade Quillorama.

Established as a non-profit organization (NPO), the Fernand-Bédard Baseball Museum will be dedicated to the memory and preservation of the rich history of professional baseball in Trois-Rivières. A room accessible from inside and outside the stadium will house 9 large explanatory boards that visitors will be invited to follow as they progress through time to relive the history of professional baseball in Trois-Rivières. Artifacts and photos will enhance the visit to the room.

“Trois-Rivières is a city rich in history, culture and sport. There are several museums that are dedicated to its history and culture, but none are dedicated to sport, ”said Bob McDuff, Ambassador and former general manager of the Can-Am League Aigles.

Trois-Rivières nevertheless has a unique and incomparable history in the field of baseball in Canada, which dates back to 1884. In fact, the old historic stadium, built in 1938, the oldest baseball stadium still in operation in Canada and the fourth in North America (after Fenway Park in Boston, Wrigley Field in Chicago and Bosse Field in Evansville, Indiana) lives and breathes the tradition of the great sport of baseball. Several players who played in Trois-Rivières have made their careers in major baseball after their stay here, but nowhere can we find the proof and the memory of these stars who played and lived in our city.

“When the oldest baseball fans have left us to pursue their dreams (Field of Dreams) what will remain of all their memories for our collective memory? As part of this project, we are proposing to pay tribute to the exceptional man who marked the history of the stadium by allocating the name of Fernand Bédard to the museum”, adds Mr. McDuff with pride.

The Fernand-Bédard Baseball Museum will become a must-see in the region. Nicole Girard invites the population to contribute to the project by donating or lending objects and / or photos that have been related to professional baseball in Trois-Rivières since its inception. “We are also asking businesses and individuals to become friends of the museum with monetary donations or sponsorships,” adds Ms. Girard.


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