Canadian Championship Project End

The Capitales de Québec organization today concludes that the presentation of a baseball championship will not be possible in the summer of 2020. The Capitales de Québec and the Trois-Rivières Eagles would like to thank everyone stakeholders who have helped them in the past few weeks in this ultimate attempt to present supporters with a high-level baseball project in a safe environment.

Logistically speaking, this challenge brought together several major players who have demonstrated their support for professional baseball in Quebec: Quebec City, the City of Trois-Rivières, the Government of Quebec, public health, the Victoria baseball complex, the Quebec baseball federation, the many major baseball organizations involved and professional players across North America. Such a partnership is intended to be a considerable success in itself.

“We are obviously very disappointed to not be able to present baseball this summer. We tried everything and we were almost there. We started from far away, but we fought until the last withdrawal! », Michel Laplante, President of the Capitals of Quebec.

“I am obviously disappointed, especially for the many players who saw this alternative as a great opportunity to perfect their development for this extraordinary season. We were working very hard to offer a beautiful show to our supporters who hoped to be with us this summer. », Patrick Scalabrini, Manager of the Capitals of Quebec.

“The creativity put forward in this beautiful project will have allowed Quebeckers to dream a little in this so uncertain year. The Capitals and the Eagles are invaluable partners for amateur baseball! », Maxime Lamarche, Director General of the Quebec Baseball Federation.

“For over 20 years, supporters’ support for our team has been invaluable. It was the least we could do to make sure we did everything we could to present baseball to our people. Jean Tremblay, Owner of the Capitals of Quebec.


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