Important catch for the enclosure

Quebec City, February 19 – The Capitals have hired Canadian reliever Andrew Case. The 27-year-old native of New Brunswick will be having his first experience in independent baseball after having worked in the organization of the Toronto Blue Jays between 2014 and 2019.

It will be a return to competition for Andrew Case after announcing his retirement last April. Before retiring in the spring of 2019, he participated in the Pan American Games qualifying tournament with the Canadian National Baseball Team. In the uniform of organizations affiliated with the Toronto Blue Jays, Case played close to 250 innings during which he averaged 3.25 earned runs and 42 saves. Case’s good AA performance also earned him a few appearances in the AAA, the latest caliber before reaching the major leagues.

Andrew Case will be a major part of the Capital relievers’ enclosure and should be given the opportunity to demonstrate the extent of his talent in important situations in the 2020 season.


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