FLORENCE, KY – Florence’s professional baseball team will start the 2020 baseball season with a new name – the Florence Freedom are now the Florence Y’Alls!

After two rounds of fan voting, the name Y’Alls blew away the competition in both a blind entry submission, and in a final 5 competition to become the new identity of Northern Kentucky’s team.

“It’s a very exciting time in our organizations’ history,” Y’Alls Vice President and General Manager Josh Anderson said. “We have a name that is uniquely Florence, and on a larger scale uniquely Kentucky. We look forward to creating ‘Y’Alls Culture’ on a nightly basis.”

Fans can expect unapologetic southern fun as the Y’Alls embrace the mantra of being the first professional sports franchise going south, and the last sports team when going north.

“Welcome to Y’Alls Country!” Y’Alls President and CEO David DelBello enthusiastically exclaimed. “It’s great to have our own version of a ‘Hollywood’ sign in the iconic Florence Y’all watertower. But the name Y’Alls is so much deeper rooted than that. It embodies Northern Kentucky, and every night we are going to show off the best of Northern Kentucky, and the state of Kentucky.”

As the organization worked through the name opportunities presented to it by the fans, they realized just how important and unique our Northern Kentucky culture and values are. They

came to the conclusion that the best choice was to bring in a local firm that truly understands Florence and Northern KY. In November, the organization partnered with the creative geniuses at Covington based BLDG.

“We are a group that lives and breathes Northern Kentucky every day,” BLDG president and owner Jay Becker said. “Our firm of 23 individuals are largely all from here. So when we heard Northern Kentucky’s team was rebranding, the project become a source of deep pride for us.”

The team name was selected after more than 2,200 name suggestions were submitted by fans. About 40% of the blind submission round were “Y’Alls” or included “Y’All” in the name. The roughly 40% blew away all other categories of blind submissions. Y’Alls then crushed the competition in the final five with more than 70 percent of the vote.

“The brand, logo and culture the Y’Alls create will pay homage to baseball during a more simple time,” Anderson continued. “Kick back, relax and get ready for 9 innings of good ol’ affordable family fun.”

New merchandise with the Y’Alls brand is on sale now at FlorenceYAlls.com.

The Florence Y’Alls will take the field on May 14 for its inaugural season with its new identity when the team hosts the New Jersey Jackals on opening day. Season ticket plans are on sale now. Individual tickets go on sale April 1. Fans can keep up to date on all things Florence Y’Alls at FlorenceYalls.com.


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