Freedom Baseball Club, LLC is giving you the opportunity few fans ever get – the opportunity to help us name your professional baseball team! Submit your team name using the form below, and you just might secure your place in baseball history. If your name is chosen, we’ll set you up with Two (2) Lifetime Season Tickets.

See Official Rules for details.

*EDIT: Due to the large amount of responses & the want to pick the best name for the community, we are going to be releasing the top 5 names on November 27th. This part will run until December 11th. The winning name will be released within two weeks of the contest ending.*


Florence Go-Goettas

Florence is here to take back Goetta for its rightful Northern Kentucky owners. Choosing the name Go-Goettas celebrates this wonderfully weird piece of Northern Kentucky food culture, while giving the team an aspirational mindset to shoot for.

Florence Fossil Jockeys

Rising from the marshy pits at Big Bone Lick are the Fossil Jockeys: a group of raucous prehistoric riders who choose the mightiest beasts as their modes of transportation.

Florence Y’alls

We’re the first and last professional baseball team in the south (depending on which way you’re driving from), so we’ll take it upon ourselves to be the symbol for Southern culture. “Y’alls” as a name celebrates much more than a painted water tower, it celebrates who we are as Northern Kentuckians and Southerners, with “Go Y’alls” as our rally cry.

Florence Pop Flies

It’s no secret that we Northern Kentuckians love two things: pop and baseball. That’s why we married those two concepts together as the Pop Fly, which is not only a common baseball term but a name for a fly who has an unquenchable sweet tooth.

Florence No Sox

A nod to famous baseball names but with a Kentucky twist, the No Sox celebrates our relaxed, kick-up-your-feet kind of culture. Baseball and life are a little different down here in Florence, and the name No Sox lets everyone know they’re in for a unique experience.



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