The General Manager of the Aigles de Trois-Rivières, René Martin, has renewed his confidence in the Aigles’ manager by offering him a new agreement for the coming year. “TJ Stanton has always been our only option. He is a recruiter and a leader of men out of the ordinary. Obviously, we had our hands tied at the end of the season considering the uncertainty around the team. We could not sign an agreement in this context,” declared Martin.

Moreover, the day after the rescue of the team, the management reiterated to the manager their deep desire to see him continue his career in Trois-Rivières. Unfortunately, the Aigles were no longer alone in the race considering the market value of the manager of the year in the Can-Am League. “It was normal for TJ to explore the various options open to him,” said Jean Tremblay, president of the Vertdure Group (shareholder of the team), who personally participated in the discussions with the former Capital Gunner. “TJ Stanton is tattooed Eagles. Indeed, even without a contract, he took it upon himself to participate in the special draft and started recruiting. He is a team player who puts the cause ahead of his personal needs. He is a little bit like the DNA of this team “added Mr. Tremblay.

The return of TJ Stanton to the helm of Aigles means that Kole Zimmerman will also be returning as hitting coach. As we know, the two instructors are literally inseparable and complement each other perfectly. The first season as part of of the Frontier League will begin May 15 in Joliet leading up to the home opener at Stade Stereo+ on May 26. The pre-sale of season tickets has reached a record level and the management of the team and its ambassadors are sparing no effort to talk more the Aigles as they begin an exciting new chapter in the Frontier League.


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