The Frontier League has announced that the Gateway Grizzlies will forfeit two of their victories after an investigation determined that Gateway misclassified a player which resulted them in having more than the maximum 12 Experienced-level players for part of the 2019 season.

The Grizzlies self-reported the issue to the Frontier League office and asked league officials to confirm their findings.  After reviewing internal records and box scores, it was determined that the player who was misclassified appeared in two Gateway victories.

The two games in question are the Grizzlies’ games in Joliet on May 15 and River City on May 18.  These two contests will now be reflected as victories for the Slammers and Rascals and losses for Gateway.

Aside from the winning and losing teams, all other statistics from the games will remain intact.

“We appreciate the honesty, integrity, and cooperation shown by the Gateway organization, starting with their self-reporting a potential infraction,” said Frontier League Commissioner Bill Lee.  “Gateway is one of our longest operating and best regarded members and their handling of this situation is an example of why they are respected throughout baseball.”

“We understand the Frontier League office’s decision, accept their judgment, and take full responsibility for our actions,” Grizzlies general manager Steve Gomric said. “We apologize to the other teams in the league and regret that this error has had an impact on the playoff race. Hopefully, the games in question do not ultimately determine a playoff spot.”

The changes to the standings need to be made by Pointstreak, the official statistical provider to the Independent Professional Baseball Federation and may take up to 48 hours to take effect.

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Wednesday, October 6


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